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I. Relationship with Aging Parent

1. I understand my parent's aging process and know what to expect regarding their physical and mental capacity in the future.

2. We have open conversation exchanges about their fears, concerns and desires.

3. My parent is prepared financially to support themselves as needs arise.

4. My parent is open to my ideas on how we can successfully navigate what's ahead for them as they age.

5. My parent and I are working together to create a plan for keeping them safe and cared for in the years ahead.

II. Balance in Your Life

1. I am confident in my ability to make the right decisions for my parent as they continue to age and their needs change.

2. I am completely confident in my ability to be a source of emotional support in their time of need.

3. I have strategies in place to manage my stress, frustrations, and concerns over my parent's safety and future well-being.

4. I am modeling how to care for an aging parent in a way I would like my own children to follow as I age.

5. I feel a sense of responsibility toward my parent therefore I have a plan for supporting them as they age.

III. Family Dynamics

1. Each of my siblings are in agreement as to what our parent's aging process will look like as they go forward in the process.

2. My siblings and I have defined our individual roles regarding how we will support our parent as they continue to decline.

3. My siblings, parent, and I work as a collaborative team having regular calls for updates toward planning purposes.

4. My siblings, parent, and I have a process for resolving any disagreements that arise.

5. We have a written family plan of how my parent will be cared for as they continue to age.

IV. Aging Parent Journey Roadmap

1. My parent has the four legal documents in place (Will, Durable POA for Healthcare, Durable POA for finances, Release of Medical Information)

2. I am aware of my parent's wishes that are outlined in these documents and the location of the originals.

3. I am aware of my parent's financials and insurance provisions as it relates to funding the written plan.

4. I am aware of the various types of senior care providers to include alternative living options.

5. I have a list of my parent's physicians in order to communicate with them regularly.

V. Your Commitment Level (0 = not committed 10 = totally committed)

1. I am ready to discover how we can successfully navigate the journey ahead so I can feel more at ease and my parent can be well cared for in their remaining years.

2. I am open to the support necessary to make the right decisions for my parent to age well without regrets.

3. I highly value the offer of a complimentary Discovery Session, and if eligible, I will book one soon.

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